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Our manifesto

Ever-increasing commissions, misleading websites, and large tech companies’ monopolies are stifling platforms that were originally created to bring together providers and consumers. From taxis and travel to books – the hunt for profit and the greed of shareholders have come at the expense of one crucial element: the human touch.

Inhumane, sure – but what can you do about it?

The answer to that question is simple: Moonback. Where others shy away from being the David challenging Goliath, our rebellious nature rises to the challenge. We strive to create a more social platform economy and are determined and optimistic in our mission to connect providers with consumers in a fair way. How? Together with everyone who shares our vision, using the means provided by a large group of crowd funders.

We set an example in the hotel industry, showing how things can be done differently. With fair rates and cancellation terms for everyone, lower commissions compared to other booking sites, and donations to local charities in travel destinations. All parties benefit: travellers, hotel owners, society, and – yes – Moonback and our crowd funders as well.

Moonback is a platform for and by people. A platform that represents freedom of choice and fair entrepreneurship. A platform that brings booking hotels back to its essence: a promising start of an exciting journey, for both consumer and entrepreneur.